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Terpy Tuesday Ep. 47: Loudpack Extracts Tangie

This Terpy Tuesday is a citrus one with Chase reviewing the famous Tangie from Loudpack Extracts & DNA Genetics picked up from Left Coast Collective in San Diego. This blend of Skunk and Cali-O creates a super funky tangerine terp that has gained a lot of popularity for it's nice sativa effects. Dabs off the @hexnail powered @CCA710 Liger w/Sapphire at 565 degrees out of the Bates/Worm diffusion pump.

Terpy Tuesday Ep. 45: Paper Planes Extracts Whitewalker OG

Chase reviews some cup winning concentrate this week, the White Walker OG sugar from @paperplanes_extracts. This concentrate is a flavorful mix of Skywalker OG and The White, a sugary sweet OG gas set on kill. Paper Planes is a relatively new company to the scene and just destroyed the San Bernardino High Times Cannabis Cup. Dabs off the @hexnail & @CCA710 Liger w/Sapphire at 565 degrees.