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Bob’s Day Off

Bob’s Day Off: Ep.13

Bob came to town to celebrate his birthday so we figured we'd turn the camera on and get a sesh going. This is the first video we filmed with the new camera, let us know what you guys think of the video/audio quality, may still need some tweaks. Anyways, thanks for watching and enjoy!

Bob’s Day Off: Episode 11

It has officially been over a year since the last time we had Bob on the show for a day off. He moved into a place with his girlfriend about a year ago, and is going to school, taking care of himself. He was nice enough to stop by for a visit and check in with the viewers, as he knows many of you have been asking about him.

Bob Update: 9/21/11

Bob is going to have more time on his hands now guys, he'll probably be on the show more frequently in the coming days. We felt we needed to do an update tp tell you what's been going on in the eventful life of Bob. Sit back and enjoy an old school smoke session with OG Bob.