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Solventless Sunday Ep. 9: Dragons Breath 90u

Brett and Adam return after a small hiatus with some super fire freeze dried Dragon's Breath 90u, going in on some Blue River Terpene enhanced dabs out of the Sovereignty Mini Pillar and giving us a detailed review!

Solventless Sunday Ep.8: Master Scout & Temple Rockstar Rosin

Solventless Sunday returns with Adam and Brett some fire rosin, the Master Scout and Temple Rockstar.

Solventless Sunday Ep. 7: Temple SFV & Rockstar Freeze Dried & Blue River Terpenes

This week Adam and Brett return with another Solventless Sunday, this time featuring some of their new freeze dried material mixed with the Blue River terpenes. Serious eye candy.

Solventless Sunday Episode #7

Solventless Sunday is here with Brett and Adam reviewing some more of their amazing West Coast Concentrates full melt bubble hash.

Solventless Sunday Episode #6 Part 2

Another episode of solventless sunday with Brett and Adam covering some of their amazing full melt hash and rosin.

Solventless Sunday Episode #6

Brett and Adam cover some of their Greencrack X Godbud full melt hash for this weeks Solventless Sunday, as well as showing off some Blue River Terpenes

Solventless Sunday Episode #5

Adam and Brett cover some of their house rosin from West Coast Concentrates, including the Pink Kush, enjoy!

Solventless Sunday Ep.4: Mextiza Melt & Cinderella 99 Rosin

Adam and Brett are here with Solventless Sunday, reviewing some of their Mextiza Melt & their Cinderella 99 rosin