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Real Ones Podcast Ep1: Tom Brady, Farting & Mt. Rushmore

INSTAGRAM: @realonespodcast @dannyflavors @shane_omac831 We're back for our first OFFICIAL episode of the Real Ones Podcast. Today we discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from Tom Brady's PDA's with his child, to the current state of Egypt. We also give our opinions on farting. If you have ideas for future topics or future videos please leave them in the comments! Thank you for your support, enjoy!

Real Ones Podcast Ep0: Gotta Start Somewhere

INSTAGRAM: @realonespodcast @dannyflavors @shane_omac831 After a very long hiatus, the boys are finally back with an entirely new show! The Real Ones podcast will always feature Shane & Dan and will air two times per week. Although there will be plenty of cannabis on the show, the topics and structure of the show will have no limits.

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday: Ep.46*

Here with another episode of WnBW, you know the drill! @theCCC420 for future questions! Thanks for watching!

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday (Thurs) Ep.45

Shane and Dan return for another Wake and Bake Wednesday, showing off a new puppy! If you have a question for next weeks episode, post it on the instagram. Thanks for the support!

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday: Ep.43

You guys know the drill, WNBW where we answer your viewer questions. If you have questions for next week post them to our instagram. Thanks for watching!

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday: Ep.42

Wake and Bake Wednesday Episode 42 is here, where we answer questions from the fans submitted to our instagram account @theccc420

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday: Ep.41

Back at it again, better late than never! Post your questions on our Instagram pages for future wnbw episodes! Enjoy!

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday: Ep.40

Back at it with 7 more questions for WnBW episode 40! As always, if you guys have questions for next weeks episode, please ask them in the comments section of our question post on instagram: @theCCC420. Thanks for watching guys!

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday: Ep.39

Back at it with yet another episode of your favorite segment. 7 questions as usual taken from our instagram pages, thanks for participating! Enjoy the vid :)

Wake ‘n Bake Wednesday: Episode 38

We are finally back after a long overdue return. We are happy to be doing videos again and sharing the cannabis culture with you guys! Strap in and enjoy the show, and look for videos to start dropping with more regularity in the coming months! Thanks for watching :)