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Strain Review Saturday Ep. 15: Jungle Boys Wedding Cake

Late upload on this one guys, Nick reviews some of the increasingly popular Wedding Cake, a Cookie & OG genetic mixture from LA growers Jungle Boys. This is some super frosty nug, some great close ups here and really fat tokes out of a heady dry pipe from Nick. Have a good week everyone!

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 14: Chemjack

Nick returns with Strain Review Saturday, this time covering the Chemjack, a cross between Chemdawg and Jack Herer. This is a particularly frosty sample of Chemjack that really shines on the close up shots!

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 13: Lemon Tree

Nick returns for another strain review, this time covering the highly popular Lemon Tree (Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel) from Santa Cruz. This cultivar has been gaining notoriety for its potency and unique flavor profile. Nick samples it out of the Vapor Brothers box vape.

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 12: The Real OG Kush Story

Nick cruises through for another Strain Review Saturday, this time reviewing some of the "Real OG Kush Story" OG cut from Cali Kush Farms. Lots of speculation on the origins of OG Kush, Nick gives some insight as well as a detailed review of this legendary cultivar! Also on display is a mini beaker from Mobius being used to take some flavor saver bong rips.

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 11: Acai

Nick returns for another Strain Review Saturday using the box vape to flavor test the Acai from Sherbinski of the Cookie fam, late upload on this one!

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 10: Grape Jelly Donut

Nick returns for another Strain Review Saturday, this time covering the exotic Grape Jelly Donut, a three way indica dominant hybrid that is absolute eye candy. Nick also pulled out the vape for this one, something we haven't seen on the channel in a while!

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 9: Kush Company OG

Nick is back for another Strain Review Saturday this time covering a Southern California favorite, the Kush Company OG.

Strain Review Saturday Ep.8: Cherry AK-47

Nick is back with a review of the Cherry AK-47!

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 6: Gorilla Cookies

Nick CCC 1
Nick returns this week for another strain review, this time bringing us coverage of the Gorilla Cookies, a cross between Platinum Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4

Strain Review Saturday Ep. 5: Bacio Gelato (#41)

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Another Strain Review Saturday with Nick, and this week he is looking at some tasty Gelato #41 from the cookie fam. Thanks for watching and the support!